Friday, June 28, 2013

Health Care Reform It is Coming Soon !

If you are not familiar with the up coming health care reform this is a quick look at what to expect in the coming months.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Standard or Non Standard

Auto Insurance could be quite frustrating especially if you have a TICKET’s or CLAIM’s this will determine the placement of the Standard or Non standard Carrier.

If you are a bad driver and you know it please do not lie to us when agents ask “ Have you had any Violations or Accidents in the past 3 years” and you say Ah I don’t remember, because most of us remember when we get pulled over for speeding or hit someone, it is in there and to quote you correctly without costing agents money to run your MVR Report it helps to be honest.

So if you are one of these drivers you need to be in the high risk class or NON STANDARD now there is nothing wrong with this because if you pay your premiums you cannot be canceled for Bad Driving or inexperience driving three years or less but you will pay a much higher premium but you will get covered.

Those in the Standard policies enjoy their accident free discounts and so on blah blah blah , but when it comes to adding a teenage driver it’s  the wonder why has my rates jumped so high because I added my child? Yes adding a new driver with zero experience can add about six hundred to a thousand dollars to some auto policies.

The most misunderstood is the NON OWNER Policy this coverage is if you do not own a vehicle but still drive others autos you should still get liability coverage so you do not get sued for the liability or screw up the persons insurance that you borrowed the car from.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


With the first Tropical Storm Andrea in view coming to the Carolina’s we are definitely on our why out of drought conditions.

This morning looking at the amount of rain falling in the Southeast it is already saturated the ground and fertile for Flash Flooding for those who say “I don’t live in a flood area” Keep Your Eyes Open listen to what the meteorologists are saying.

Flooding is No Joke it is serious and takes lives also creates damage quickly.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was thinking about the travel industry especially the “CRUISERS” this week my Dad takes off to the Caribbean for a 7 day Cruise and with all the problems in the past with fires, engine troubles and sickness it is enough to give someone a heart attack.
Well whether traveling in the US as a NON citizen or a US citizen traveling to a foreign land do yourself a favor check out Travel Insurance I have a link     this insurance is well worth a look at and if you are traveling outside the country your current health coverage just might not cover you properly.
That means if you have Medicare or one of the supplements or the Advantage plans, you may want to check with the carrier and see about your benefits.

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